Well, this is a hard post to write, but at the same time it’s been awhile in coming. Last year was a rough year. I lost my critique partner, the critique group I’d been putting together fell apart when all of our lives seemed to get hectic…and then came the string of losses. I lost my grandmother on my mom’s side. It was months of heartache leading up to it, and then suddenly, I lost my best friend of 11 years. He’d been the first dog that was mine and had seen me through several bouts of depression and had been a huge chunk of my world. Then right on the heels of losing him, I suddenly lost my grandmother on dad’s side.

And by the end of last summer…I didn’t have much of me left. I didn’t want to write and I was coping the best I could. I started a new job and then another… It’s been a long road to recovery, and I’ve been holding off publicly saying I’m on hiatus because I’ve been hoping the desire to write would magically come back. But it hasn’t. I’m hoping it will, but I’m not forcing anything.

I’ve been spending the last several months refinding me. I’ve found a job I enjoy, I’m volunteering as a dog trainer for our local Humane Society, I’ve got two dogs I’m readying for competitions and training this summer, and I’m rebuilding the happiness that was shattered last summer. I think in time I’ll be back and I’ll rebuild what was lost here too, but for now I’m on an extended break.

For those who were following me as a blogger before I became an author, I’m still blogging…though it’s less about me, nothing about writing, but you can find me here:

Macy and Castle

For those waiting on the next book, I’m sorry. I hope to be back soon, I do. But I believe an author should love their work, love writing, and I need to find that again. Thank you though for all of your support.


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