Christmas Moon

STEbannerA Shifter Town Enforcement novella

CHRISTMASMOONpageBreanne Torres has lost the meaning of Christmas. Haunted by the death of her daughter and the murders committed by her husband, she’s distanced herself from her past. Now, she spends her life in solitude, trying to disappear. But in the small town of White Pine, the presence of an ex-Hound with a past like Bree’s is impossible not to notice.

Hunter Reed is the alpha of the White Pine werewolf pack and Bree’s next door neighbor. He’s done his best to give his new neighbor space, but when he finds out his pack has been harassing her, he wants to help her out. And when he discovers that Bree has lost the spirit of Christmas, he’s determined to show her the joys of the season again.

But Hunter’s pack isn’t the only one harassing Bree. Someone from her past is determined that she pays for her ex-husband’s sins. With a rogue wolf hunting her, Bree’s only hope of finding the spirit of Christmas is to face her past and open her life to the potential of a future: Hunter.

Genre: Paranormal Romance || Length: Novella


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