How many books are in the Shifter Town Enforcement series?
At the moment, this is an open ended series. But I have three books written, and a novella in the works. Currently books #1 (Hounded), #2 (Cry Sanctuary), and #3 (Big Cats Don’t Purr) are available.

Will you write about Brandt? Bree? Sawyer?
Brandt makes an appearance in Book #2–as his sister is the main female character (though I do hope Brandt will get his own story told). Several other characters from Hounded make an appearance as well. Sawyer’s book is Big Cats Don’t Purr. And Bree is getting her story told coming Christmas 2013.

What genre is the Shifter Town Enforcement series?
Paranormal Romantic Suspense. They’re fairly hot reads, but there’s a tension-filled story to go along with the romance. Besides, I love me some bad guys.

How many books are in the Northern Wolves series?
This series is closed trilogy: Cold Mercy, Frozen Mercy, and Barren Mercy… All taking place in one winter in Mercy Pass. They are centered around a trio of friends: Eden Marks (Cold Mercy), Kennedy Harper (Frozen Mercy), and Rowan Bast (Barren Mercy). Each book will take off right where the last one left off! Though they will each have their own Happily Ever After, and will hopefully not have any HUGE cliffhangers. -innocent smile-

What genre are your novellas and short stories?

Will your books have print versions?
Yes, the full length novels will. It’s something I’ll be working on in the future.