What the Heart Haunts

Also available with three other short stories in the Moonlit Lovers anthology.

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Nalla is an ex-Hound of the Wild Hunt. She’s spent the last four hundred years in exile…for falling in love. On a whim one night, she agrees to a blind date, but she doesn’t expect Khost. Another Hound, he’s the closest she’s come to finding the magic she’s lost. He’s also her chance at revenge against the god who banished her. All she needs to do is seduce his Hound.

After a hundred and fifty years of running with the Wild Hunt, Khost can’t remember what it’s like to feel. Until Nalla. With one kiss, Nalla leaves him shaken and now that he’s had her, he can’t let her go. Khost knows that falling for Nalla means he’ll be giving up the Hunt, but one can’t help what the heart haunts…and people are meant for love.

Length: 10k words


He drew back on a ragged breath, his eyes widening as he looked at her. Almost haunted. “But I still need to know, why did you kiss me?”

He lazily rubbed a thumb over the edge of her jaw. It was a good question. Not one she could answer easily.

She cringed a little. “At first? Because you reminded me of the Hunt, of running…because I wanted Herne to lose another Hound.”

And because I wanted you to fall.

“And now?”

Nalla started to shake her head but he held her still. “Nalla, and now?”

“Because I’m tired of being lonely.” She squeezed her eyes shut to hold off the tears. “Why are you doing this?”

Khost leaned in and kissed her again, his lips a soft smile against hers. “At first?”

A heart breaking chuckle slipped from her as she waited for his answer.

“Because I didn’t have a clue and I’d never felt anything like it before.”

She swallowed. “And now?”

Khost leaned his forehead against hers and sighed.

“Now? Because you make me feel things that somewhere deep inside me, I know I’ve felt before, but I can’t remember when. I can’t remember anything past a good run. I’m tired of forgetting, Nalla, and you make me remember.”

His thumb skated over the edge of her lips. “You make me feel.”